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Services: Prenatal, Labour & Birth, Postpartum & Breastfeeding

My doula packages are thoughtfully curated to help you feel supported before, during and after your pregnancy, labour and birth.


My lived experience as a mother and my work as a doula are lovingly intertwined – each package is named after my own children.


Every mother’s pregnancy, labour and birth experience is unique, special and life-changing.

I’ve put together four carefully-designed packages for you to choose from, which draw from my own labour, birth and postpartum experiences and what I needed to feel supported and cared for during each stage.

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Labour & Birth

As your prenatal doula, you will have 24-hour access to me via text, call or email. I will discuss your birth preferences and expectations, provide home birth/hospital birth education, labouring practices/positions, breathing and relaxation techniques, help prep for baby’s arrival and pack the essentials for birth. You will receive monthly check-ins up to 38 weeks of pregnancy and then biweekly until you deliver, as well as a booklet of what to expect during labour with images of labour and birthing positions included.

As your labour & birth doula, you will have 24-hour access to me via text, call or email. I will join you halfway through early labour, when contractions are less than 20 minutes apart, and as you transition from early to active labour. I will guide you and your support person(s) through the various positions and breathing techniques practiced in prenatal appointments to encourage the safe passage of your baby. With the use of visualization, acupressure and massage, aromatherapy, music/sounds, and water therapy, as well as positive affirmations, we will set the tone for a more relaxed, comfortable labour and birth. I will remain with you and baby until you are both settled and breastfeeding has begun.


Postpartum & Breastfeeding

As your postpartum doula, you will have 24-hour access to me via text, call or email. While welcoming a new baby into your life is a joyous experience, it’s also hard work caring for a newborn, let alone yourself. As your doula, I will assist you in the precious days and weeks following your baby’s birth until you feel ready and comfortable to do it on your own. From helping you ensure your baby is properly fed, to diaper changes and everything in between, my aim is to help you feel heard and taken care of, too.


Whether it’s your first baby or “third time’s the charm”, breastfeeding is a learned skill that both mother and baby must get a handle on in those precious (and exhausting!) first few weeks of life.

While breastfeeding itself is natural, it doesn’t necessarily come naturally. Patience, practice, and correct technique are all key, and every baby is different; you must really “learn” your baby if you want to be successful at breastfeeding. As an experienced breastfeeding coach, I will work with you and your baby one-on-one to get comfortable with breastfeeding and share my first-hand knowledge and helpful tips to make this beautiful bonding opportunity a positive and beneficial experience for the both of you.

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