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Client Testimonials 

"Traceen was very helpful to us when we were adjusting to being first time parents. She is super kind & informative. I was having a hard time breastfeeding & she was able to guide me through it successfully. She was supportive when we needed a break from those sleepless nights. 10 out of 10 would recommend her services!" ~ Kim & Baby Max

"Hiring a postpartum doula was the best decision we made for our second pregnancy. We had our first child a few years ago and were very aware of the stressful and sleepless those first few weeks with a newborn baby especially if you are breastfeeding. Traceen was highly knowledgeable and experienced with babies. She is also a registered nurse which put my mind at ease knowing that my baby is in good hands. My baby slept well and fed well when she was around. She took care of baby when I was given time off from the baby to sleep and re-energize. Sleep is most important during those initial days after an intense labour and delivery. I am very happy with the decision of getting postpartum doula help this time around and will do it all over again if I have another baby in future." ~ Krithika & Baby Tara

"I can't express enough gratitude for the amazing support Traceen, my postpartum doula, provided me during one of the most challenging times in my life. I was alone and overwhelmed after giving birth, but she was there for me every step of the way. Her kindness, patience, and expertise were invaluable, and she truly went above and beyond to make sure I was well taken care of. Not only did she provide practical help with tasks like feeding and diapering, but she also provided emotional support, listening to me when I needed to talk and helping me process my feelings. She was a calming presence in a very chaotic time and helped me feel more confident and empowered as a new mother. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of support during the postpartum period. She is a true professional and a compassionate person who truly cares about her clients." ~ Aabiah & Baby Miriam

"Traceen was truly a Godsend. I got connected with Traceen when I was 37 weeks pregnant, she responded to my inquiry in a timely manner and quickly scheduled a meeting with my husband and I. As a first-time mom, my goal was to have a natural birth with minimal medical intervention and I knew that I wanted a doula to support and advocate for myself and my husband. That's exactly what Traceen did. From the initial meeting Traceen made me feel at ease and confident that I would be able to listen to and trust my body to bring our daughter Earth-side. During her home visit she went over key information and some pain management and birthing techniques that could be used during labour. I went into labour at 39 weeks and Traceen was there every step of the way. It was a snowy day and she miraculously made it to the hospital at the same time as us and was there to advocate for and support me from the moment I was sent to triage for assessment (thankfully she was there because I needed an advocate). My labour, although intense, was manageable with Traceen's support. She knew exactly what to do to help with the waves of contractions and gave me the calming and reassuring presence I needed. My birth story is one that I'm proud of and love sharing and Traceen is one of the main reasons why. The care and support that she gave before, during and after the birth of my daughter was phenomenal. On top of everything that she did to support and empower me she also captured images of the labour and birth that I will forever cherish. I highly recommend Traceen's services if you want a calming, knowledgeable, kind presence during your journey to motherhood and beyond."
Erica & Baby Eden

"I sought doula support for my first pregnancy, and I was connected with Traceen. She was very informative and supportive. She taught my partner and I relevant vocabulary and all the necessary information as to what to expect for pregnancy, labour and delivery. She thoughtfully answered all my questions. With her guidance I was confident going into labour and delivery.  
After birth, Traceen helped us with settling in with a newborn, and even guided me through the process of increasing my milk production.
Overall, I found Traceen to be exceptionally helpful during this integral part of our lives." ~ 
Melissa & Baby Micah   

"Traceen was my doula for my first born son Zionn. I was so fortunate to have her in our home. What an amazing experience.  

She was supportive, helpful with all my needs and I learned so much. No question is ever too silly to ask , she was educated on where I lacked knowledge as a first time parent/young mom and no matter the hour I could call or message her. The best doula in the world!" ~ Dionne & Baby Zionn

"Even as an experienced, third-time mom, I understood the value and importance of hiring a doula to help me create the birth experience that I desire. I was fortunate enough to have a doula-in-training for the birth of my second child, and while my labour and delivery went smoothly, and was the positive, natural birth that I hoped for, I wanted to work with an experienced Black doula the third time around. 

I was very lucky to be connected with Traceen and from our very first meeting, I knew I would be well cared for in her capable hands. I loved that she was a mother too, as well as nurse. She put my mind at ease that no matter how my birth story went, I would be well informed to make the best decision at the time to ensure the safest delivery for myself and my baby. It was important for myself and my husband to have an educational refresher on labour and delivery because it had been several years since we had a baby in our lives (our middle child is 6 years old, while our eldest is 8).


Traceen helped me create my birth plan and walked us through a variety of labour positions and techniques for pain management as I wanted an unmedicated birth with minimal medical interventions. My labour started in the evening and I messaged Traceen that I think the baby was coming that night. I was right. Traceen met us swiftly at the hospital and stayed by me and my husband’s side the whole time during my labour, supporting me through each contraction and push until my son was born, greeted by the bright morning sun. She helped me with my baby’s first latch, and I loved her hands-on breastfeeding support even when I got home. She also assisted me around the house with some light housekeeping duties during those first few weeks with baby at home, when we needed it most. My baby is now almost 6 months old, exclusively breastfed and absolutely thriving! I am extremely blessed to have met Traceen during this beautiful new phase of motherhood, and highly recommend her services!" ~ Monique & Baby Zachary

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